The Gunnedah Golf Club's progress can be largely attributed to splendid teamwork by a loyal
band of enthusiasts to a sport which has made remarkable strides throughout Australia.

The club commenced play at the Recreation Ground within the Showground and Racecourse area
in 1920 which occupied some 100 acres.
The first president was Mr F.J.Steadman and the first honorary secretary Mr Darcy Rotton 
It was Mr Rotton's enthusiasm which was responsible for the formation of the club, Incidentally he
played off a handicap of plus 1.

The Gunnedah Golf Course was originally known as "Bacon's Paddock", it was a big,stony
and often dusty paddock with Sand Greens.

The first clubhouse in the Showground area was constructed in 1927 and was later added to.
In 1936 a general meeting was held to approve and acquire the present site owned by the club
and the deposit for the club was supplied by various members and associates,the clubhouse
was moved intact to where it stands today, it was then later extended in 1952.

Play commenced on hole's 1-9 in 1937 and the remaining hole's 10-18 were not opened for play
until 1953, with the new design being the work of Mr Arthur East.
Towards the end of 1964 nine hole's had acquired Grass Greens. 1966 saw the completion of 
grassing the last nine hole's

June 1955 a fire which started shortly before 11pm almost completely gutted the Clubhouse,
heavy rain fell almost continuously during the efforts of Gunnedah Fire Brigade to fight the
fire but did little to quell the blaze. In this fire many golfers lost their Golf Equipment which
was stored below the Clubhouse.

July 1955 saw the finance and building sub-committee start with a proposal to rebuild the 
Clubhouse with the installation of a Cool Room

1968 and extensions to the Southern end of the club were done with a Ladies locker room and
dining room added, with more extensions being added in 1970 to the Western end. In 1970
a Dam was added to the Course on what is now the 4th hole

Extensions were made in 1995 to the bar and poker machine area and the enclosing of the
veranda overlooking the 18th green.

Major extensions are currently underway to the Clubhouse and will be completed soon, these
renovations are both Golf and family friendly.